Secure digital communication

The Spherebox technology provides an API for end-to-end encrypted communication between devices, services, people and groups. Through this secure virtual network, data of all formats such as messages, files, and metadata can be transmitted.

Secure authentication

All users are authenticated using strong 256-bit keys, which are exchanged asymmetrically. The end-to-end encryption is consistently implemented: the keys are generated on the respective end devices of the users and are only stored there.

With our special hierarchical key management over devices, persons and groups, both the secure key exchange in groups as well as the realization of secure multiclient applications are possible.

Data transfer and storage

The data transfer is protected with strong encryption from the sender to the recipient, thereby ensuring the integrity of the data and the authenticity of the sender through digital signatures. The transport of data is possible via:

  • a pure peer-to-peer connection
  • temporary caching until retrieving the encrypted data
  • or a permanent data room solution with long-term storage of the encrypted data

Full data sovereignty is always given to all users of the system.

What makes our Spherebox technology special?

The Spherebox API makes it easy to add end-to-end encryption with appropriate key management, device synchronization, secure messaging, and secure data transfer to your application.

Public & private key management of individuals and services

  • Unique address space, which can be used independently of telephone number and email
  • Authentication and authorization by 256 Bit Public Key Key (Curve25519)
  • Making contacts with a secure key exchange between individuals and services

Secure synchronization between devices

  • Synchronization of private keys / contacts / groups
  • Devices can be de-authorized from existing devices (if devices are lost)

Administration of groups

  • Key management for groups
  • Management of group rights (open and moderated groups)
  • Exclusion of group members with Perfect Forward Secrecy

Transfer of files between devices, people, services, and groups

  • End-to-end encrypted (AES-256)
  • Local transfer if network devices are on the same LAN
  • Direct transfer P2P between network devices
  • No file size restriction for direct transfer via P2P
  • Offline Transfer via Caching Server
  • File size restrictions only depending on storage time, theoretically unlimited file size when shipping
  • Signed by the sender (Ed25519)

Sending messages or notifications between devices, people, services, and groups

  • End-to-end encrypted (AES-256)
  • With any payload (text, XML, JSON)
  • Offline caching
  • Shipping and acknowledgment of receipt
  • Signed by the sender (Ed25519)

Cross platform

  • Developed in C ++
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • Interfaces for common programming languages (C #, Swift, Objective-C, Javascript)


The possible applications for the Spherebox technology are wide. Depending on the security requirements and feature set of your application, the individual modules can be used individually as well as combined with each other.

  • Secure messaging

    An intelligent messaging API for individual contacts and groups for a modern social communication level between colleagues or with customers.

  • Distributed and secure data exchange

    Exchange data easily and safely between contacts and within groups within the intranet. Suitable for various cases such as File Messenger and data space solutions.

  • Encrypted data storage

    Due to the consistent end-to-end encryption, all files are protected during online storage and can only be decrypted on the devices of the users.

  • Secure authentication

    Unmistakable verification of devices, contacts and groups via encrypted channels. Optional anonymous or individual-related.

Example of an application based on the Spherebox technology

To demonstrate our technology, we have developed the cross-platform, secure team messenger "Sid" with individual components of the Spherebox technology.

Sid - Ende-zu-Ende Sichere Team Kommunikation

Communicate more securely and efficiently with Sid than with email or other chat solutions from, whether it is to send messages, documents, images or large files quickly and securely.

Try Sid for free:

Areas of application

Integrate the secure Spherebox components into your application to increase the security of your product. Bring a new security level to your application with consistent end-to-end encryption and the replacement of HTTPS with a specially developed transfer protocol.

  • Sales

    Extend your ERP or CRM system with an encrypted communication component and protect sensitive customer and company data. Communicate and share files over a secure network.

  • Banking, FinTech

    Protection of confidential documents, as well as confidential communication among employees and a secure channel to your customers through the integration of Spherebox technology. Especially in the FinTech area, a secure platform is essential for the communication and exchange of documents. Our technology offers the same security on mobile devices as on desktop computers.

  • IoT

    Secure connection of IoT devices and double protection during operation by encryption and the non-use of HTTPS connections. Because no HTTPS is required, your application consumes less resources and shows a reduced maintenance effort.

  • Robotics

    Security-critical systems can be protected using the Spherebox technology by implementing an encrypted channel for control and communication.

  • Healthcare

    Allow direct contact and document exchange between physicians and their patients in compliance with the privacy laws.

  • Education

    Up-to-date fast communication and common access to files while adhering to the special legal requirements for data protection in education.

  • E-government, public authorities

    The use of software products in governmental institutions is subject to special legal conditions, including strict data protection. The Spherebox technology provides compliant communication solutions.

  • Dating

    Protect your customers' communications and their privacy. Provide a new security standard in this area and keep intimate details secret.

  • Gaming

    Fast and direct connection of all players. The devices of the players communicate directly with each other by using peer-to-peer technology. Your product can also support streaming or VoIP due to the low latency of our technology.

Security risks of current cloud solutions

We see a security risk when using HTTPS authentication that can be avoided with the use of the Spherebox technology. The most critical points are:

  • Password authorization vulnerable by brute force (10 characters provide 65 bit security)
  • Combination of authorization with authentication by unsafe email questionable
  • HTTPS based encryption only provides encryption in transit, needs intensive maintenance, and shows design weaknesses at TLS/SSL level
  • Browser as user frontend is a hard-to-secure environment
  • Data management
    • Operators of the cloud have full access to your data
    • Unclear access rights of the cloud infrastructure provider

The Spherebox technology is easy to integrate, runs reliably and can be implemented on all platforms thanks to its low level C++ implementation.

Please contact us so that we can put together the ideal package of Spherebox modules for your needs.


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