Communicate in your own private sphere.

Secure and unsurveilled digital communication has become an enormously important issue in our day-to-day media behaviour. Content is shared and discussed in business life, as well as privately. As the ever-growing complexity of user data shows, the need for simplicity–and simple usability–is more important than ever. With Spherebox you can:

Easily connect people, groups, and devices

Send messages and transfer files, use collaborative communication around your data.

Prevent security and privacy issues

spherebox is the best way to create private groups and uses end-to-end encryption to secure all messages and files.

Keep everyone on the same page

spherebox synchronises your private and shared data all over your digital devices and groups, regardless of individual choices of operating systems, always looking for the smartest way of connection.


Easily connecting people and devices

Experience how easy you connect to devices to build up groups, exchange secure keys for end-to-end-encryption and all kind of data that you want to share in this short video clip. With spherebox you don't have to be invited, you don't need to register or login anywhere, you just need to install the app. Easy, right? A new connection is just one tap away!

TechDemo - The GUI shown is not final but functional!

The missing tool

The following shows a quick overview on the features the user will be about to enjoy and the powerful technologies that run the system in the background.



Icon Groupmessenging

Group Messenging

With its content driven messaging and discussions spherebox works in private and business environments.


Icon Crossplattform


Transfer any kind of data like photos, music or documents. spherebox stores and synchronizes shared content automatically between users, groups and every of their devices.


Icon Discusscontent

Share & Discuss

Document your content using comments and annotation. Maintain to-do lists and schedule appointments to organize your private and working life.


Easy Connect

Connect devices and users with just one click. With instant key exchange and optional exchange of virtual business cards.

Direct Transfer

Fast and secure transfer of content between users, groups and their devices. Optimized routing between devices. No detour through external servers whenever possible (P2P).

End-to-End Encryption

Advanced security with end-to-end encryption and local storage. Reliable privacy that prevents snooping and interception.

True Cross-Plattform

Efficient and secure integration of most important operating systems on desktop and mobile.


The first product based on our Spherebox technology is Sid. Sid is a secure teamwork tool to make your team communication safer, simpler and more efficient.

Sid - End-to-End Secure Team Communication

Sid - End-to-End Secure Team Communication

Get Sid for free on

Meet the founders team

See the faces behind the fancy code.

Nils Krüger

Corporate & Business Development

With 15 years experience in leading software development and IT projects, Nils is developing and managing the business opportunities for spherebox.

Toine Diepstraten

Technical Lead

Keen on developing software for things that have a processor, some memory and I/O, from washing machines to server clusters, Toine also knows how to successfully rise a startup as he co-founded the Venture Capital financed learning platform Babbel (Lesson Nine GmbH).

Henri Hagenow

Lead iOS Development / UX Design / Web Development

After studying communication science and graduating in physics, Henri worked for eleven years as a freelance developer and advisor for web and general software with focus on interaction design.

Klaus Voltmer

Lead OSX Development

Having started his career as financial controller based in Vienna, Klaus professional experience now spans over 16 years of which he spent 6 years as Vice President of software development in Los Angles.

Contact spherebox Team

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on spherebox, give us suggestions for new features and bug reports, or to just say hello!


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SID: spherebox*01134
Telefon: +49 30 83218030

Toine Diepstraten, Nils Krüger

Sitz der Gesellschaft: Berlin
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